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Aluminum Alloy Rack And Pinion Pneumatic Actuator Angular Stroke Medium Pressure

Place of Origin Tianjin,China
Brand Name JSFC
Certification SIL3/CE/ISO9001
Model Number AT-DA63
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Ea
Packaging Details Carton/Wooden Case
Delivery Time 3-7 working days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Supply Ability 10000PCS/Month
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Product Description
Product AT Pneumatic Actuator Working Type Rotary
Structure Rack And Pinion Colour Red, Gray, Black, Yellow, Blue
Pressure Medium Pressure HS Code 8412390000
Weight 2.03kgs Air Connection NAMUR G1/4”
High Light

Angular Stroke Pneumatic Actuator,

Medium Pressure Pinion Pneumatic Actuator,

Aluminum Alloy Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

Product Description

AT Pneumatic Actuator Double-acting Valve Actuator Angular Stroke Aluminum Alloy Cylinder Valve Drive

► Product Desp.
Pneumatic actuators are actuators that use air pressure to drive open, close or adjust valves, also known as pneumatic actuators or pneumatic devices, but they are generally called pneumatic heads. This article expounds the various technical requirements of the pneumatic head.
The actuator and adjustment mechanism of the pneumatic actuator are a unified whole, and the actuators include membrane type, piston type, fork type and rack and pinion type. The piston type has a long stroke and is suitable for occasions requiring large thrust; while the diaphragm type has a small stroke and can only directly drive the valve stem. The fork type pneumatic actuator has the characteristics of large torque, small space, and the torque curve is more in line with the torque curve of the valve, but it is not very beautiful; it is often used on valves with high torque. The rack-and-pinion pneumatic actuator has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable action, and safety and explosion-proof. It is widely used in power plants, chemical industry, oil refining and other production processes with high safety requirements.
Pneumatic Actuator (FLA Series)

Aluminum Alloy Rack And Pinion Pneumatic Actuator Angular Stroke Medium Pressure 0

I. FLA Pneumatic Actuator (Double-Acting and Single-Acting) is used to control quarter-turn valves such as ball valve, butterfly valve, etc.

II. Features are as follows:

  • Air Supply Pressure: 3-8bar
  • Type: Double Acting and Spring Return
  • Model: AT32D- AT270D, AT50S- 270S
  • Torque: From 8N. M to 2862N. M (at 5.5 bar)
  • Bottom Mounting Connection: ISO-5211 / Namur
  • Springs can be easily removed from end caps
  • Can be fitted with limit switches, solenoid valves, positioners
  • Stroke adjustment from 0-90°

III. Air supply connection is designed in accordance with NAMUR Standard to install solenoid valves
II. Bottom mounting connection is designed in accordance with ISO 5211, DIN 3337 standards for direct mounting of valve gear boxes or mounting brackets
IV. The NAMUR drive shaft and NAMUR top mounting connection allow the installation of accessories such as limit switch box and positioners

► Dimension-Pneumatic Actuator

Aluminum Alloy Rack And Pinion Pneumatic Actuator Angular Stroke Medium Pressure 1

► Output Torque Of AT Series Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Actuator Model 2.5bar 3.0bar 3.5bar 4.0bar 4.5bar 5.0bar 5.5bar 6.0bar 7.0bar 8.0bar
AT032D 3.6 4.6 5 5.7 6.4 7.3 8 8.7 10 11.6
AT052D 8.3 10.0 11.6 13.3 15.0 16.6 18.3 19.9 23.3 26.6
AT063D 14.7 17.6 20.5 23.5 26.4 29.3 32.2 35.2 41.0 46.9
AT075D 29.1 34.9 40.7 46.5 52.3 58.2 64.0 69.8 81.4 93.0
AT083D 45.7 54.9 64.0 73.2 82.3 91.5 101 110 128 146
AT092D 66.5 79.7 93.0 106 120 133 146 160 186 213
AT105D 107 129 150 172 193 215 236 258 301 344
AT125D 138 166 194 221 249 277 304 332 387 443
AT140D 217 261 304 348 391 434 478 521 608 695
AT160D 283 340 397 453 510 567 623 680 793 907
AT190D 383 459 536 612 689 765 842 918 1071 1224
AT210D 531 638 744 850 956 1063 1169 1275 1488 1700
AT240D 935 1122 1309 1496 1683 1870 2057 2244 2618 2992
AT270D 1347 1617 1886 2156 2425 2695 2964 3234 3772 4311
AT300D 2350 2821 3291 3761 4231 4701 5171 564

► Company-Pneumatic Actuator
Our company has strong technical force, scientific and reasonable management, and advanced and sophisticated equipment. Our company will carry out various quality system standards throughout the whole process of production and operation of the enterprise. The company has always relied on scientific and technological innovation to strive to improve product quality. While constantly improving American standard series valves and general valves, it also relies on strong technology. The force constantly develops new products. Products are designed and manufactured according to GB, JB, ANSI, API, BS, JIS, DIN and other standards. The driving modes include manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic linkage and positive and bevel gear transmission. Our company’s products are widely used in various large, medium and small hydropower, thermal power stations and other power systems and industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, mining, papermaking, medicine, etc. It is the first choice for automatic fluid control engineering and equipment transformation. Our company consults, designs, selects, installs and solves various control schemes for users, maintains the integrity management policy of quality first and customer first, aims at the three characteristics of availability, credibility and reliability, and offers preferential prices. , Excellent after-sale service, warm pillow welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit and guide, contact business, establish long-term supporting relationship, share the technical resources of Xinpu pneumatic valve, and jointly expand the control valve market at home and abroad.

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