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Double Acting Type SIL Rack And Pinion Valve Actuator DA75

Place of Origin Tianjin,China
Brand Name JSFC
Certification ISO SIL CE SGS
Model Number AT-DA75
Minimum Order Quantity 100
Price USD30.88per pc
Packaging Details Wooden box 10,000pcs/20′ container
Delivery Time 12
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Supply Ability 5000 pcs per week
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Product Description
Swivel Angle 0~90°±5° Type Rack Pinion Actuator
Operation Double-acting Solenoid Valve Voltage AC220V Or DC24V As Per Customer’s Request
Weight 2.70KG Material Aluminium-Alloy (ASTM6005)
Cylinder Dia 75mm Shaft Height 20mm
Air Connection G1/4” (NAMUR) Flange Hole 4-M8X13, 4-M6X10 (ISO5211、DIN3337)
Safety Level SIL 2 Air Pressure 2bar-8bar
High Light

rack and pinion valve actuator DA75,

SIL rack and pinion valve actuator,

75mm double acting piston actuator

Product Description

Double Acting Type Rack And Pinion Pneumatic Actuator With SIL Certification

Model At-DA63
Mode of operation Double-acting
Type Rack Pinion Quarter Turn Actuator
Swivel Angle 0~90°±5°
Air Pressure(bar) 2bar-8bar
Output Torque 2.0 bar 20.1Nm
2.5bar 25.2Nm
3.0bar 30.2Nm
4.0bar 40.3Nm
4.5bar 45.3Nm
5.0bar 50.3Nm
5.5bar 55.4Nm
6.0bar 60.4Nm
7.0bar 70.5Nm
8.0bar 80.5Nm
Air Consumption at 6 Bar 0.29 L/cycle for opening, 0.38 L/cycle for closing 
Manual Override Without
Temperature Range Standard +20℃~+80℃
T4 -20℃~+150℃
T6 -50℃~+60℃
Safety Integrity Level (SIL) SIL 2
Solenoid Valve Voltage AC220V or DC24V as per customer’s request
Weight 1.38KG
Body & Cap Material Aluminium-Alloy (ASTM6005)
Dimensions Cylinder Diameter 63mm
Shaft Height 20mm
Air Connection G1/4” (NAMUR)
Flange Hole Pattern 4-M8X13, 4-M6X10 (ISO5211,DIN3337)

Corresponding Valves Dimensions( *This selection is a minimum configuration)



Butterfly Valve Ball Valve
Plastic Soft seal Hard seal Plastic Threaded Flanged Hard seal V type
DA32 DN15-DN25 DN15-DN20
1/2”-1” 1/2”-3/4”
21.3-33.4mm 21.3-26.7mm
DA52 DN50-DN65 DN50 DN15-DN40 DN25 DN15-DN20
2”-21/2” 2” 1/2”-1 1/2” 1” 1/2”-3/4”
60.3-73mm 60.3mm 21.3-48.3mm 33.4mm 21.3-26.7mm
DA63 DN80 DN50-DN80 DN50 DN32 DN25 DN15-DN20 DN15-DN20
3” 2”-3” 2” 1 1/4” 1” 1/2”-3/4” 1/2”-3/4”
88.9mm 60.3-88.9 60.3mm 42.2mm 33.4mm 21.3-26.7mm 21.3-26.7mm
DA75 DN100 DN100 DN40 DN32 DN25 DN25
4” 4” 1 1/2” 1 1/4” 1” 1”
114.3mm 114.3mm 48.3mm 42.2mm 33.4mm 33.4mm
DA83 DN125 DN125 DN50-DN65 DN65 DN50 DN40-DN50 DN32 DN32
5” 5” 2”-2.5” 2 1/2” 2” 1 1/2”-2” 1 1/4” 1 1/4”
141.3mm 141.3mm 60.3mm-73mm 73 60.3mm 48.3-60.3mm 42.2mm 42.2mm
DA92 DN80 DN80 DN65 DN50-DN65 DN40 DN40
3” 3” 2 1/2” 2”-2.5” 1 1/2” 1 1/2”
88.9mm 88.9mm 73mm 60.3-73mm 48.3mm 48.3mm
DA105 DN150 DN150 DN100-DN125 DN100 DN80 DN65-DN80 DN50 DN50
6” 6” 4”-5” 4” 3” 21/2”-3” 2” 2”
168.3mm 168.3mm 114.3-114.3 114.3mm 88.9mm 73-88.9mm 60.3mm 60.3mm
DA125 DN200 DN200 DN150 DN100 DN80-DN100 DN65 DN65
8” 8” 6” 4” 3”-4” 2 1/2” 2 1/2”
219.1mm 219.1mm 168.3mm 114.3mm 88.9-114.3mm 73mm 73mm
DA140 DN250 DN250 DN200 DN125 DN80-DN100 DN80-DN100
10” 10” 8” 5” 3”-4” 3”-4”
273mm 273mm 219.1 141.3mm 88.9-114.3mm 88.9-114.3mm
DA160 DN300 DN300 DN250 DN150 DN125 DN125
12” 12” 10” 6” 5” 5”
323.8mm 323.8mm 273 168.3mm 141.3mm 141.3mm
DA190 DN350 DN350 DN300-DN350 DN150 DN150
14” 14” 12”-14” 6” 6”
355.6mm 355.6mm 323.8-355.6mm 168.3mm 168.3mm
DA210 DN400 DN400 DN350-DN400 DN200
16” 16” 14”-16” 8”
406.4mm 406.4mm 355.6-406.4mm 219.1mm
DA240 DN450 DN450 DN450 DN200 DN200 DN200
18” 18” 18” 8” 8” 8”
457.2mm 457.2 457.2mm 219.1mm 219.1mm 219.1mm
DA270 DN500 DN500 DN500 DN250 DN250 DN250
20” 20” 20” 10” 10” 10”
508mm 508mm 508mm 273mm 273mm 273mm
DA300 DN600 DN600 DN300 DN300 DN300
24” 24” 12” 12” 12”
609.6mm 609.6mm 323.8mm 323.8mm 323.8mm
DA350 DN700 DN700 DN350 DN350 DN350
28” 28” 14” 14” 14”
711.2mm 711.2mm 355.6mm 355.6mm 355.6mm
DA400 DN800 DN800 DN400 DN400 DN400
32” 32” 16” 16” 16”
812.8mm 812.8mm 406.4mm 406.4mm 406.4mm

Process Flow:

Double Acting Type SIL Rack And Pinion Valve Actuator DA75 0

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Double Acting Type SIL Rack And Pinion Valve Actuator DA75 1

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Company Profile

Our position:
In recent years, FLOWAN has been in the forefront of the industry of the new double pole large torque scotch yoke pneumatic
actuator. The high quality has won the widely welcome and trust of the users which has laid a good foundation for the leading
position of FLOWAN in the field of domestic large torque scotch yoke pneumatic actuator.Sufficient in terms of overall
competitiveness to match by world-class brands same business companies. At the same time, our company has brought the development of pneumatic hydraulic pneumatic actuator and electric hydraulic
pneumatic actuator into strategic plan, to make contributions to the high-end of the domestic equipment. In the international market, the quality and service of FLOWAN pneumatic actuator not only obtained praise and recognition of
American and Japanese high-end customers, but also build cooperation relationship with Italy famous same business company. All this effectively promote the internationalization process of FLOWAN.For a long time, FLOWAN insists the market demand to
be the direction, and has a concept of offering high quality product and service.FLOWAN made tireless efforts for the aim of
globalization of FLOWAN brand and service. Our culture: enterprising, innovation, unity and loyalty.

Our mission: providing users with better pneumatic products and services is the responsibility and mission of FLOWAN!
Our philosophy: technology creates value, service win the future
Enterprise slogan: FLOWAN, leading manufacturer of pneumatic products

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