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Ventilation Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Actuator Off Butterfly Valve Hard Seal

Place of Origin Tianjin,China
Brand Name JSFC
Certification SIL3/CE/ISO
Model Number AT-SR160
Minimum Order Quantity 1PC
Packaging Details Carton/Wooden case
Delivery Time 1-3 Working Days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 50000PCS/Month
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Product Description
Application General Media Gas,Oil,Water Ect.
Material Standard Or As Customers’ Requirement Industry Marine, Power, Chemisitry,Water Treatment
Brand FLOWAN Original Country China Supplier
High Light

Hard Seal Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Actuator,

Off Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Actuator,

Ventilation Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Actuator

Product Description

Pneumatic Ventilation Butterfly Valve Pneumatic On/Off Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

Specifications – Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

Operating media Dry or lubricated air, or the non-corrosive gases

The maximum particle diameter must less than 30μm

Air supply pressure The minimum supply pressure is 2.5 Bar

The maximum supply pressure is 8 Bar

Operating temperature Standard:-20°C~+80°C

Low temperature:-35°C~+80°C

High temperature:-15°C~+150°C

Travel adjustment Have adjustment range of ±5°
Application Either indoor or outdoor

Features – Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

It is composed of (spring return type) pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve. It is a rotary high-performance regulating or shut-off valve. It is equipped with electricity, air valve or solenoid valve, air filter pressure reducer, limit switch (valve position return It can realize the proportional adjustment and two-position cut-off control of the fluid medium in the process pipeline, so as to achieve automatic control of the flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other parameters of the fluid medium.

Pneumatic wafer butterfly valve has a novel structure. The valve body is constructed to meet the short-distance wafer structure formed by the narrow pipeline space. The external leakage is zero, and the internal leakage meets the standard.

Pneumatic rubber lined butterfly valve, the connection method is flange, wafer, the seal is lined with NBR, ethylene propylene rubber, heat-resistant ethylene propylene rubber, natural rubber, neoprene, fluorine rubber, PTFE, according to the chemical properties of the medium have more reasonable options.

Pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve, anti-corrosion fluorine-lined butterfly valve adopts a combination of two valve bodies, the valve seat and the valve body lining are integrated, when the valve is working, only the all-plastic valve seat and the plastic-lined butterfly plate are in contact with the medium, and the product can withstand Corrosion of any medium except molten alkali metal and elemental fluorine, in which the D71F46 valve stem is integrated with the butterfly plate (forging), and the surface is evenly coated with a layer of FEP. The inner surface of the valve body channel is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, the CV value is high, the flow capacity is strong, and the torque is moderate. Zero leakage of media.

Pneumatic ventilation butterfly valve, features, there is a slit between the valve plate and valve seat, this product is suitable for use in environments with poor air circulation.

The main features of the pneumatic telescopic butterfly valve are as follows: novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, convenient operation, rapid opening and closing; in addition to the function of adjustment and interception, the telescopic butterfly valve can compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the temperature difference of the pipeline. It can provide convenience for installation, replacement and maintenance of valves. The sealing parts can be adjusted and replaced, and the sealing performance is reliable.

FAQ – Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

1 Do you have a minimum quantity of the products?
No, we will build business with you with even 1pc. We believe this cooperation will be a long-term relationship for our high quality, competitive price and good after-sale service.

2 Are samples available to be sent with free?
It depends on what product you need. There are hundreds of products we sell. You can contact us for particular answer.

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